Modular By Design – The Future Of Building

Extensions, Pods, Annexes, Disability Adaptions, Lodges, Houses, Flats

The UK housing shortage and economy has seen everyone, from private homeowners to developers and councils, looking for a fast high-quality solution to their residential or business accommodation needs.

Modular By Design believes their volumetric pod construction is the building method of the future. Although not new, (prefabricated or “prefab” houses have been around for a long time) techniques and materials have moved on with the times. Our modular buildings are tested for a lifecycle in excess of 60 years. We use only the highest quality materials because our buildings have to be robust enough to cope with the rigours of lifting and transportation.

One of the main attractions of our modular buildings is the speed of delivery. Factory construction means we are able to work in all weathers, so there are no delays. Our modular buildings are usually craned into position in just 2 hours.


The Possibilities

Why Modular By Design?

Our Experience
With many years experience in the construction industry, we are now specialising in the supply and installation of offsite manufactured buildings. We are technically a one stop shop, in so far as, we look after everything from inseption to hand over. By using Modular By Design, you don't have to find or employ the services of an architect, structual engineer or graphic designer. This is all handled by our in house staff. Also a dedicated contracts manager will be appointed to look after your project and will be your main point of contact throughout the whole process.
Building Works
One of the main advantages of using Modular By Design extension pods is the minimal disruption caused to the householder during the project.
Normally where side or rear access is restricted or non-existent, all building materials have to be carted through the house. This would include all the excavation material from the foundations being carted out and subsequently all the concrete and building materials being carted in, over a period of several weeks.

With Modular By Design, just a few trips through the house are required because only minimal excavation is necessary when using structural screwpile foundations. The pod is craned in over the house and sits on the screwpiles.
This operation takes about 2 hours.
The pod is then secured and sealed to the house.
The building can be habitable after the first day.
All our work is LABC compliant.
Supplier Relationships
Modular By Design has a dedicated supply chain who work with us to deliver your project to a spec and finish you might not have thought possible. We have contacts throughout the adaption, construction and manufacturing sectors.

Modular By Design have negotiated special discounts with some of the UK`s top kitchen and bathroom designers and suppliers. These discounts are passed on to our customers. Our customers, therefore, have a great choice of kitchen and bathroom designs, at very affordable prices.
Finance Available
We are one of the few companies that can get secured or un-secured finance (subject to status) arranged for home improvements. With one of these finance packages, We could turn you dreams into reality.
ECO Friendly
A Modular By Design building will create a very low impact on the environment, and is designed and built using materials and technology that reduces its carbon footprint and lowers its energy needs. Higher than normal levels of thermal insulation are used in all our buildings. Modular By Design use structural screwpiles instead of concrete foundations, further reducing the carbon footprint.
Material Warranty
Our Material Warranty, provides cover in the event of any material defect occurring during the first 2 years after the development has been completed.

Structural Warranty
Our Structural Warranty, otherwise known as latent defects warranty, provides cover in the event of a structural defect occurring during the first 10 years after the development has been completed.